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Embarrassment takes a toll on the body

A lot of problems and issues would be solved within a day if a person would stop being afraid to say what really matters. Some are afraid to open up to a counselor. Others hide the disease for years, embarrassed by the reactions of others. Some people carry the pain within themselves, shy to admit to a natural weakness.

Why does shyness cause irreparable damage to the body?

Going to the gym, going for a morning jog, exercising on the playgrounds – these are processes during which a person can and definitely will be seen by outsiders. Thinking about it can put you in a stupor. And after all, you have to wear athletic, often tight, uniforms and sweat while exercising. “What will people think?” the man worries. And refuses to play sports because she’s shy.

Beautiful clothes emphasize the figure, reveal some strategically important places, attract attention. “Everyone looks at me and laughs,” the man is horrified. The other thing is shapeless hoodies, t-shirts and sportswear. You can huddle, bend down as much as possible, squeeze your shoulders together, and quickly run across the streets. No one thinks about posture at this point.

Discomfort, pain or other symptoms of the disease require medical intervention. This also includes alcohol abuse or harmful drugs. As well as psychological problems. But you have to go to a doctor, get treatment. “What will the doctor and my family think?” the man hesitates. And he doesn’t ask for help. Triggers the problem, exacerbates it, and takes it to the extreme.

Embarrassment creates dozens of problems. These are lost opportunities, lost acquaintances, lost profits. It is customary to praise modesty. It’s a good quality if in moderation. But it is the lack of excessive modesty that drives progress, helps make discoveries, and leaves a mark on history.

Modesty is not showing off for every occasion and without. Doing a good deed without demanding worship. Understand your needs without grabbing more than you need.

Shyness, in turn, is an attempt to cower in the darkest corner and deprive yourself of everything. Not helping another because it’s embarrassing to draw attention to yourself. Forfeit a well-deserved award. Not to take the essentials.

There are no universal ways to deal with shyness. The optimal option is to get together one day, be brave, and do what you want to do. Go for a run. Put on leggings and head to the gym for a class. Ask for a picture with an idol. To say important words to a dear one. The resulting feeling of euphoria will be a great start to combat one of the most useless feelings.

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